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The 10 Best Online Marketing Strategies to Make You a Unicorn

Move Past The Sob Stories.

Guerrilla marketing is a great alternative to traditional marketing. It thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity beat out big budgets. It thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity beat out big budgets. Guerilla Communications is an integrated marketing agency. For award-winning design, branding, advertising, PR, digital & marketing services contact us!

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Marketing unicorns are so special that, even though they’re rare, they end up delivering almost half of the value of your overall marketing efforts. Want to be a marketing unicorn? Check out these 10 best online marketing strategies and earn your majestic head-horn.

Do you have a new underwear line that you need to gain awareness to? Why not manufacture one of the largest-sized underwear ever seen and place them on statues? Hundreds of tourist selfies and press coverage for Gold Toe. Is there a better way to prove your services than to dare people to attempt against you? This is one of the routes taken by Facebook to discover bugs on its platform — by offering a bounty to hackers who bring software bugs to their attention.

Todd Davis, CEO of Lifelock ran TV commercials that published his real social security number and dared identity thieves to try their luck against the company. This worked because the company was audacious and entertaining. They turned an unusually boring activity identity theft prevention into a dare. And as you may know… Nobody can resist a well-timed dare. As Ryan Holiday puts it succinctly: However, since then, his identity has been stolen 13 times.

One of the pillars in how to succeed in guerrilla marketing is not to take oneself too seriously. Look at the thousands of shared made across social media every day — they are mostly pictures of cute cats, memes or funny videos. If you want to make your guerrilla marketing stand out and attract eyeballs… You have to be entertaining.

PR stunts are expensive. PR stunts are best left to companies with a large-enough budgets to make it work. That is the understanding that most people have when it comes to creating stunts to generate awareness.

PR stunts CAN be done on the cheap. All you need is creativity. And Warby Parker did just that. However, in order to do that, you have to either do a runway show or a presentation. As a newly-founded startup, Warby Parker did not have resources to do either. Hosting their own secret presentation the day before NY Fashion Week started.

They staked out the reading room in New York Public Library and got their employees to hoard the tables. Then, they invited 40 editors to meet them in front of the library, while instructing them to keep silent on their purpose of being at the library. In the meantime, Warby Parker had 30 models getting ready in the hotel next door. The editors went around snapping pictures and taking notes. Every editor that was at the library wrote about Warby Parker and the guerrilla flash mob — and they stole the show from NY Fashion Week that year.

Grasshopper, a company that provides virtual phone solutions for entrepreneurs knew that they needed to get business owners on board to use their services. So, they listed down of the most influential business leaders, journalists and bloggers in the US and sent all of them 5 chocolate-covered grasshoppers. These chocolate grasshoppers were delivered in a branded, glossy-white bag and was accompanied with a hangtag instructing the influencer to visit a landing page that contained a inspirational video.

This particular stunt earned Grasshopper 8, video views a day. The influencers, impressed by the stunt also tweeted about the campaign, sharing it with a total of , followers. This means that the office district of any city Deliveroo operates in is a crucial area that Deliveroo should target for its marketing efforts. Every Friday, the staff of Deliveroo Singapore put on kangaroo onesies and head to the Central Business District to hand out flyers, tote bags, notebooks and other Deliveroo merchandise.

These onesies emphasize the brand image of Deliveroo a kangaroo and creates top-of-mind awareness on the people working in the area. Sometimes all you need is knowing the right people to collaborate with. These kittens were delivered to users who then had 15 minutes to play with the kittens. These kittens were also up for adoption. And Uber has already helped 30 kittens get adopted so far. In fact, like Tinder and Foursquare above, doing offline marketing is an effective way to gain users for your app.

Fixed is an app that fights unfair parking tickets for the citizens of San Francisco. Is everyone complaining about a flaw that your competitor has… and your competitor has done nothing about it? WePay, a service that makes it easy to accept payments from multiple people, competes with PayPal.

Many people have had their PayPal accounts frozen or limited with no access to their money. Melissa Tsang is a writer and speaker on the social impact of ecommerce and technology. She's also a bit of an impulse shopper. Social media, content, ppc, referral marketing, email campaigns — these are all eCommerce marketing tactics you may be focusing on to increase traffic to your site and convert more customers.

But have you considered how your shipping policy For the last decade or so, Google has been the first place people go to when they are researching basically anything. This was especially true for products they were interested in buying as product and customer reviews provided all of the necessary As beautiful as your online store may be, and as much effort as you may have put into it, it may still be virtually invisible.

Without proper keyword research and search engine optimization SEO , search engines and your potential customers will ReferralCandy is a product of Anafore Pte. Best Practices and Guides. Lots of people searching it, sure, but then look up that phrase in Google. Try standing apart in that market.

I try to keep keywords in mind whenever I write a post. Think what happens if people are searching mystery books , or great new reads , and so on. You have to help the readers find you.

I hope this post is useful or you. If you already have one, this would make a great gift! Full details on my website: Thanks and good luck! Great minds think alike: This is why we authors need to be powerfully armed to rise to the top. So, I am running a series about book promotion startegies beginning at http: Oh, my stats must be out of date — thanks for pointing that out! Thanks for the comment and good luck to you! Great article and very timely. I was reading an article about marketing the other day, and the author mentioned that one reason book sales are so unpredictable these days is simply the number of books on the market.

She said that 10,, books were published in The numbers are indeed staggering so it behooves authors to find ways to stand apart and to be found.

Thanks for your comment. Hmmm…these statistics make me wonder why I bothered. I guess I have to think of a high tech door knocking technique. Keep coming back for more pointers. And thanks for the comment! But since it involves actual work oh, the agony! Thanks, I appreciate the comment. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. To Become A Writer. Information about author Renee Pawlish and her detective fiction, mystery novels, horror books, and her creative writing courses, the Writers Workshop. I believe every author should have at minimum: Why Guerilla Online Marketing? About Renee Pawlish Author of mystery novels, thriller novels, and horror books.

Exposing the Beast Within. Renee also offers writing lessons and writing strategies in the Writers Workshop. This entry was posted in Promoting Your Books and tagged author marketing , guerilla online marketing , guerilla style marketing , marketing author. November 19, at Hi Renee, Great minds think alike: November 19, at 1: Sandra McLeod Humphrey says:

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This particular stunt earned Grasshopper 8, video views a day.

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Non-Passion — If you are not passionate about the things you are doing while you are in the crappy situation… then fail fast and move on until you are doing something you love! I'm not describing a part-time effort with a promise that you can do this in your underwear and never have to talk with anyone, or view property.

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