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5 Steps to a Successful NUA transaction

Defining NUA.

For example, say your (k) contains $, dollars of XYZ stock which you bought with pretax contributions for $10, You have $90, of NUA. If you roll the stock into an IRA, you will pay. Assumptions: (1) Company stock with a $, market value, a $20, pretax cost basis, and NUA of $80, is distributed in kind from a (k) plan as part of a lump-sum distribution; (2) in the NUA scenario, the stock is immediately sold after being distributed from the plan; (3) in the rollover IRA scenario, the stock that was rolled over to the IRA is immediately sold and the proceeds distributed in .

How does an NUA work?

IRS Rules For Capital Gains Treatment Of Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) Internal Revenue Code Section (e)(4) defines the rules for getting favorable tax treatment of the “Net Unrealized Appreciation” (NUA) of employer stock held in an employer retirement plan, ultimately allowing gains that occurred inside the plan to be taxed outside.

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Follow these Steps for a Successful NUA Transaction

While there, I took advantage of three ways to invest in the company stock:.

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