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Astros strike at midnight, acquire Justin Verlander from Tigers

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They have prospects not on the 40 man rosterthat could get this done if Tigers eat some money and set themselves up for next year. Mets could use him going into next year. Matz for Verlander should work for both sides considering JV remaining salary. If they are truly committed to a rebuild, then shipping out JV, Cabrera is an obvious move. I agree it would be kind of crazy to hold on to Verlander, especially after gutting their team.

Eating his contract makes 0 sense. They would be crazy to not wait until the offseason when 20 teams could bid for him instead of 2. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Verlander is a hot commodity at this moment. Probably not so much in the off season. Teams would claim Fisher if Houston were actually trying to move him for something. Who knows what goes on in the minds of these GMs. You have to be able to find a team willing to take a guy and his contract straight up before you can worry about getting actual prospects.

I do generally agree with this sentiment you propose whenever a player like this is discussed I was with you on Ryan Braun last year too. That said, I think what you miss is that the waiver claim period is a terrible time to consider trading for good players on large contracts. The contract is under water slightly IMO, but not a ton. If you want, you can go back to the last time you posted that to read my reply.

And if he were that great of a commodity, someone would have claimed him at least in order to block other contenders from trading for him. Tigers should take this to the wire and be willing to walk away. Astros should make the deal I think its the Red Sox who do if it happens. The receiving team would get three Septembers and three playoff runs of an elite playoff tested starter for two years salary.

Not a bad get. I know this game: Astros are crazy not to make a deal right now. JV puts them in the World Series over Cleveland. Without him, They might not even make it out of the first round. Red Sox could be in the mix…. Price for JV and Zimmermann makes sense for both sides. If the Astros were willing to move prospects for a starter, they would have done it already.

Jus seen on twitter from what looks like a Realiable source. Looks like Tigers got the better part of the deal. So give him away for low level prospects n rebuild? Rebuild with shxt prospects? Was jus thinking Al Avila is by far the worst GM in baseball but u might b able to replace him if u apply for the job?

U even know what ur talking about? Every team only has a certain amount they can spend on international players.. U said they should jus give JV away when in fact Astros were invluding there 3, 9 and 11 prospects for him. Anyway you put it, bad news for the Tigers if they really want to get rid of Verlander.

Verlander trying to get better contact 3rd year. Upton without some fast talking. The Cubs have already given all of their prospects away. Will the Dodgers off up the same type of package as the Astros?

The tigers front office are fine with paying the rest of his contract and verlander is fine with being the ace on a bad team and being a major mentor to all the tigers young pitchers. Eloy and Glayber will be great. Glayber himself is 2 years away. Alot can happen in that time frame. Please login to leave a reply.

Username or Email Address. Go To Pro Hockey Rumors. Go To Hoops Rumors. Midnight I believe 3. Midnight eastern daylight time 0. Can Avila take a chill pill until im done classes for the day? Either cash relief or nothing. Not high level prospects, but some.

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