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Potassium in humans.

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Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Convenient I own two of these bags. I enjoy the combination of a velcro opening and zippers. For quick storage on the hip I use the velcro and after accomplishing the lens change I can follow up with the zippers. The bags protect the lens very well, better than the Lowepro and Tamaron lens cases I also own. A BIG draw back is that the belt loop is closed such that the belt has to be threaded through otherwise the loop is very secure.

Because the bag is loose around the lens it tends to hang out from the belt too far, this is where the Lowepro and Tamaron are better. I tend to use the Lowepro because of this and the effort to tread the case on the belt. Because the case does not work well hanging on the belt alone, I use the neck strap to support the weight and the belt loop to hold the case from bouncing and swinging.

The convenience of changing the lens with the Nikon is so much better than the Lowepro, I have a hard time deciding which to use. Rated 5 out of 5 by edward s. I dropped my mm while in one and it came out with just a broken filter could have been much worse, IMO! Im getting them for all my lenses!!! Research has found an association between oxidised LDL-C and the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis [ 29 ]. In the present study, the combination of canola oil and salt intake resulted in a decrease in LDL-C compared with the canola oil without salt group.

There is substantial evidence suggesting that high salt intake increases the risk of CVD [ 30 ]. However, some studies suggest that low salt intake and its adverse effects on blood lipids can have a detrimental effect on CVD risk [ 30 ]. The mechanisms by which salt intake affects the blood lipids are not clear. A study by Harsha et al.

Taken together these results suggest that a diet low in salt leads to an increase in LDL-C. The results of the present study show an increase in blood pressure in both the canola oil and soybean oil groups with salt compared to the dietary groups without salt at the end of the feeding trial. The association between salt intake and hypertension is well known [ 32 ], which is evident in the present the study.

Evidence indicates that canola oil intake has an effect on blood pressure in the SHRSP rat and its related strains [ 3 , 24 ]. However, the blood pressure in the canola oil groups was not consistently different from soybean oil.

Our previous study showed that blood pressure in the canola oil group was not different from soybean oil. A study by Huang et al. Another study by Ratnayake et al. Taken together these results suggest that canola oil intake in the presence or absence of salt does not affect blood pressure. Therefore, the life shortening effect of canola oil may not be directly due to an increase in blood pressure. ROS generation may be coming from other sources within the vasculature.

More research is required to determine if canola oil intake in the absence or presence of salt leads to oxidative stress and altered vascular changes such as endothelial dysfunction in a longer duration study. Within each group the rats were randomly assigned to a control or treatment group and acclimatized for one week.

During acclimatization they were given a standard pellet diet Specialty Feeds, Western Australia and water ad libitum. Given that the rats were 35 days old when they started the trial, they were on the diet for a mean of 50 days. The current study was designed to examine whether canola oil intake had an effect on oxidative stress earlier on in the rats life span and, thus, 25 days was chosen as a mid point.

The reason for having the group without NaCl in the drinking water is to rule out any interfering factor the salt loading may have when analysing tissues. Animal body weights, food intake and water consumption were determined once a week, while the health of the animals was monitored daily.

Following this, tissue collection was carried out and the aorta was removed, washed in saline solution and snap frozen in liquid nitrogen. Information provided by Speciality Feeds Western Australia , which produced both diets. Blood pressure was measured weekly over the course of their life span using a tail cuff sphygmomanometer Biopac Systems, USA. For each animal systolic blood pressure was obtained as an average of three readings as each time point.

After the animal was anaesthetised, blood was collected via cardiac puncture into EDTA coated tubes. RBCs were then washed 3 times by adding an equal volume of 0. The supernatant was removed and discarded. An equal volume of cold distilled water and RBCs were mixed well to lyse the cells. This assay utilizes xanthine oxidase and hypoxanthine to generate superoxide radicals that are detected by tetrazolium salt with absorbance read at nm using a microplate analyser Fusion-Alpha HT, PerkinElmer, USA.

Catalase activity was determined using a commercially available kit Cayman Chemical Company, USA following manufacturer's instructions. This method is based on the reaction of methanol with the enzyme in the presence of an optimal concentration of hydrogen peroxide. GPx activity was determined using was determined using a commercially available kit Cayman Chemical Company, USA following manufacturer's instructions.

The sample was left to stand at room temperature for 5 minutes and the absorbance read at nm using a spectrophotometer Biochrom, UK. The samples were protected from light from this step onwards. The aqueous phase was extracted twice with hexane and evaporated. The supernatant was removed and used for the determination of total 8-isoprostane using the EIA kit. This assay is based on the competition between 8-isoprostane and an 8-isoprostane acetycholinesterase AChE conjugate for a limited number of 8-isoprostane -specific rabbit anti-serum binding sites.

Fluorescent emission data were captured and mRNA levels were analysed using the critical threshold C T value. The primers were all obtained from previous published sequences and were ordered through Geneworks Australia: Statistical analysis was performed using the SPSS statistical package version Comparisons between groups for animal body weight, food intake and water intake data were analysed using repeated measures ANOVA.

A post hoc pair-wise comparison was also carried out. AP participated in the design of the study, carried out the analysis and interpretation of data and drafted the manuscript. XC helped with the MDA analysis. LL contributed to the interpretation of data and revised the manuscript. PL participated in the design of the study, contributed to the interpretation of data and revised the manuscript.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. The authors would like to thank the staff of the Deakin University Building Lp Animal House for their help and support with the animal study. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Lipids Health Dis v. Published online Oct Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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