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Deglaciation changes in ocean circulation from an extended radiocarbon calibration. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 12 3: Deuterium excess record from central Greenland. In, Stable Isotopes in the Hydrologic Cycle. Journal of Geochemical Exploration Differential influence of plant species on soil N transformations within moist meadow alpine tundra.

Energy and trace-gas fluxes across a soil pH boundary in the Arctic; Letters to Nature. Polar Research 17 2: Evaluation of the global oxygen isotope curve as a proxy for Quaternary sea level by modeling of delta progradation.

Journal of Sedimentary Research 68 6: Experimental dendroclimatic reconstruction of the southern oscillation. Formation of ice layers by infiltration and refreezing of meltwater. Annals of Glaciology 26, Climatic Change, 39 4: Geochemical linkages among glaciers, streams, and lakes within the Taylor Valley, Antarctica.

Antarctic Research Series, v. Glacier regimes, periglacial landforms and Holocene climate change in the Kigluaik Mountains, Seward Peninsula, Alaska. Arctic and Alpine Research, Grasslands, Konza Prairie, and long-term ecological research. Historical accounts of weather events, sea ice and related matters in Iceland and Greenland, A. Hydrologic processes influencing streamflow variation in Fryxell Basin, Antarctica. In balance, with a little help from the plants.

The global carbon cycle. In situ observations of floc settling velocities in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Inconsistent paleomagnetic recording of the Blake Event in Chinese loess related to sedimentary environment. Geophysical Journal International, Innocents on the ice. Niwot, Colorado, University of Colorado Press, pp. Inorganic nitrogen and microbial biomass dynamics before and during spring snowmelt.

Laboratory, ground-based, and airborne tunable diode laser systems: Performance characteristics and applications in atmospheric studies. Applied Physics B, Lake Eyre palaeohydrology from 60 ka to the present: Beach ridges and glacial maximum aridity. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Journal of Quaternary Science Late Quaternary climate change in eastern North America: A comparison of pollen-derived estimates with climate model results.

Quaternary Science Reviews, Correlation with Heinrich events in the North Atlantic. Quaternary Science Reviews Late Quaternary diatom response to vegetation and climage change in a high subalpine lake in Banff National Park, Alberta. Journal of Paleolimnology Late Quaternary stratigraphy, chronology, and depositional processes on the slope of S. Baffin Island, detrital carbonate and Heinrich events: Geographie physique et Quaternaire 52 1: Longitudinal patterns in algal abundance and species distribution in meltwater streams in Taylor Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica.

Mapping subglacial surfaces of temperate valley glaciers by two-pass migration of a radio-echo sounding survey. Journal of Glaciology, 44 Marine evidence for the last glacial advance across eastern Hudson Strait, eastern Canadian Arctic. Journal of Quaternary Science 13 6: Mercury speciation and distribution in a polar desert lake Lake Hoare, Antarctica and two glacial meltwater streams. Science of the Total Environment, Methyl bromide deposition to soils. Atmospheric Environment, 32 9: Millennial-scale changes in North Atlantic circulation since the last glaciation.

Modeling nitrogen transformations in Dry Valley streams, Antarctica. Modeling of erosion and deposition by turbidity currents generated at river mouths. Journal of Sedimentary Research 68 1: Near-surface thermal profiles in alpine bedrock: Implications for the frost-weathering of rock. New database of North American paleodrought. Earth System Monitor 8: Nitrogen and carbon soil dynamics in response to climate change in a high-elevation ecosystem in the Rocky Mountains, USA.

Arctic and Alpine Research, 30 1: Pro Kauf erhalten Sie eine Banknote wie auf dem Beispielbild abgebildet. Die Geldscheine werden in einer Bankschliessfach aufbewahrt.

Alle neu unzirkuliert uncirculated kassenfrische Sammlerstücke. Sie erhalten die abgebildete Banknote. Red Seal, Thomas Jefferson, Monticello. Schauen Sie sich bitte die Fotos an. Weitere Jahre und Prägestätten verfügbar. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns bei Fragen. Warten Sie bitte auf eine Rechnung, bevor Sie zahlen. We offer shipping discounts. Please wait for a combined invoice. Der Greenback "am Stück".

Wie zufrieden waren Sie mit der Kommunikation des Verkäufers?. After the war, in the s, she emigrated to the US with her parents as a young child DiCaprio's maternal grandparents, Wilhelm and Helene Indenbirken, continued to live in the US for many years before returning to Germany to enjoy their retirement. My daughter Irmelin's husband is Italian. Leonardo goes well with the last name DiCaprio.

But so he would also have something German about him, we added the name of my husband Wilhelm. His roots, by the way, lie far to the east where our ancestors come from. I came from a German Catholic family in the Depression era. The Autobiography of Patty Duke. Archived copy as title link "I'm also half German" "Archived copy". Archived copy as title link "My Grandmother was German, and the tradition was to hide an ornament in a pickle, and whoever find it gets a prize.

It's a lot of fun. Archived copy as title link "In actuality, Franz is Dennis's middle name, and the first name of his father, a German immigrant. Though unfailingly mispronounced, 'Franz' is less difficult to say than his given surname. My ancestry is Scotch-Irish and German. Uta was born on June 12, in Göttingen, Germany. Her family was very artistic.

At age 7, her father got a job as head of the art history department of University of Wisconsin. Louis roots, Jon Hamm has German heritage. Roughly three-eighths of his family tree traces back to the fatherland, but he's equally English and one-quarter Irish. Hasselhoff took advantage of his fluency in the German language to establish a phenomenal successful singing career in Europe. Büren, Germany, 16 Sept. Steel, his maternal grandfather came from Büren, Germany, his grandmothers were born in the U.

My father didn't speak English until he went to school. They were the most highly respected immigrant group in America, the Germans. They were models of immigrant application and education and hard work and honesty.

They went from that to being vilified in about two years from to He was thrown off streetcars for forgetting and speaking German in public. Jannings began his acting career on the German stage. He made his first film in , but his first real movie success came a few years later when he worked with the German later Hollywood director Ernst Lubitsch at the Ufa studios near Berlin.

Archived copy as title link "Reporter: How do I pronounce your last name? We were having a debate in my office about how to pronounce it.

I come from a small town called Tipton, Missouri which started as a German community. I guess I could have taken a stage name to make it easier, but then I would have to answer to my hometown. Archived copy as title link "LR: How can you be Italian with a name like Lauper?

Lauper's my father's name. He's German and Swiss and my mom's Italian. So I'm German, Swiss and Sicilian. Kinda like cold cuts. I get my skin color from the French side of my family. The Bruce Lee Story. Internet Adult Film Database. Is of mostly Irish and German descent.

Matt Green at Google Play. She arrived in Hollywood via France and England in Retrieved August 24, Retrieved December 10, The Great Movie Stars: Little, Brown and Company. No other producer had so influenced the German film like Erich Pommer. Archived from the original on February 11, Retrieved February 22, Archived from the original on August 21, Retrieved January 25, On her last name My last name is German and both my grandparents immigrated from Germany.

The name is actually composed of two parts The family name predates any national borders and the ancestral estates are in present day Holland. In fact, ruins of a castle still exist there. In current Dutch, the "Oy" mimics the Dutch word for stork and our family crest does portray a stork. Archived copy as title link "Both of his parents were immigrants — his father, Paul, from Germany; his mother, Rosalie, from Scotland.

Archived copy as title link "I'm Irish and German, I thought that I could go toe-to-toe but it's hard to keep up with the Aussies. Weissmuller's family left Banat for America in , shortly after Johnny's birth, settling first in Pennsylvania, where many other Austrians and Germans lived and where brother Peter was born in , and later in Chicago, another Germanic stronghold and the home of Weissmuller's maternal grandparents.

The original German family name Weissmüller translates literally as "white miller" or "wheat miller" Weizen. Both continued to act, mostly in television. Zilzer died in Berlin in , and his former wife they divorced amicably when Zilzer was seriously ill and wanted to go to Germany , who refused to return to Germany, died just a few months later in New York.

Archived from the original on November 17, My dad would make homemade raviolis and all kinds of things My mom is German Archived copy as title link "I think German guys are really hot Helga, a German opera singer, continued to travel back to Europe for work — sometimes taking her daughters with her on tour.

Ethnicity in American Feature Films, — University of California Press, Archived copy as title link "Ernst Lubitsch — came to Hollywood from his native Berlin in —at the request of Mary Pickford. It was in the German film capital that he began to develop what would later be known simply as "the Lubitsch Touch. Archived copy as title link " —, aka Nebenzal — German-American film producer born in New York, educated there and in Berlin, Germany.

South German and Swiss German: Menschen am Sonntag , The Hustler , Acad. Award , Lilith After a long career in Germany that included directing and writing the screenplay for Viktor und Viktoria , remade by Blake Edwards in , Schünzel came to the U. Although born in Memphis, Tenn.

After living in Los Angeles for eight years, the director returned to his homeland to make his first German-language film since moving to the US The German director has made most of his films in English in the US He has been living in Los Angeles since the s, although he spends part of each year in Germany and Berlin his favorite city.

Wyler became a US citizen in Oxford University Press, , pp. Spiegel Online in German. Retrieved 18 February William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services.

Greene's Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers. Reproducing Piano Roll Fnd. New hair, old roots". Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved March 8, Because he could speak German, Warner Bros. Despite his own strong skills, he remained in their shadow for many years. Hindemith was born in Hanau on Nov. Conversations from the Edge with Carrie Fisher. Facts Of Dee Dee Ramone".

At age four he was identified as a piano prodigy; he later studied with Ferruccio Busoni and Egon Petri in Berlin, and performed as a guest soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic at She gave birth to Federico, known later as Fred, on January 30, Fred was brought to Tucson in , when he was 14, to work and help support the family of four children: Archived copy as title link " The German surname comes from a grandfather who married into the Mexican family.

Archived copy as title link "Salter came to the United States in and composed scores for some Hollywood movies. Archived copy as title link " — Birth of his son Lawrence on 27 January. Arnold, Gertrud and Nuria are granted American citizenship. Taylor Swift Royal Ancestry. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Harper's New Monthly Magazine.

A book written in by Isaac Wolfe Bernheim presenting a history of the Bernheim family. Includes stories and portraits of various family members. Archived copy as title link "William E. Boeing was born in Detroit to Wilhelm and Marie Boeing in His father, who arrived in the United States in , had come from an old and well-to-do family in Hohenlimburg, Germany, and had served a year in the German army.

He had a lust for adventure, however, and left his family, emigrating to the United States when he was 20 years old. Hans and his wife Catharina arrived in America in September and Hans is believed to have died in Pennsylvania in Hy's mother was highly respected for her gentle and kindhearted nature. He grew up speaking the "Pennsylvania Dutch" dialect and inherited from these people characteristics such as a zest for hard work, diligence, and thriftiness.

Augustus Holver Hilton Norwegian — Mother: Archived copy as title link "Having made a fortune in the pharmaceutical industry, he endowed the Max Kade foundation with the goal of promoting the mutual understanding of the people and cultures of Germany and the United States. Archived copy as title link "Born a middle-class, assimilated German Jew East Tennessee Historical Society, , p.

The Fundraising Journal January Archived copy as title link "Among the black-and-whites is a shot of a burly German man. That would be Great Uncle Peter — more specifically, Peter Luger, who in opened a beer garden in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, that started off selling sandwiches and steak tidbits before graduating to full-fledged steak dinners.

Rockefeller und die Rockenfeller im Neuwieder Raum ". Genealogisches Jahrbuch , 9 , pp. Archived copy as title link "Soon Oscar's brother Gottfried, a "wurstmacher" or sausage-maker from Nuremberg, Germany, would join Oscar in the states, and together they leased the Kolling Meat Market on Chicago's north side.

Before long, customers in their German neighborhood were standing in line for Mayer specialties like bockwurst, liverwurst, and weisswurst. By the time a third brother, Max, joined them from Germany, the brothers had moved into their own establishment. Archived copy as title link "In , a young German chemist, Charles Pfizer, and his cousin Charles Erhart, who had come to America seeking new opportunities, founded the business that bears the Pfizer name.

He grew up in a German family that emphasized skill, thrift, and hard work. He came to the United States in the s when many other Germans came, and for the same reasons: The Greatest Baseball Team Ever". Koerner September 29, Jules Schmid, a onetime sausage-maker who'd started making lamb-gut condoms in the s; by the time Trojan debuted, he was manufacturing rubber condoms under the Ramses and Sheik brand names.

Schmid's packages often featured romantic Egyptian or Arab images Born into poverty in Schorndorf, Germany, in , the half-paralyzed Jewish immigrant arrived in New York at the age of 17 to make his fortune John wanted to join the Union Army with his pals.

Pauline talked him out of it.

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Noch heute befindet sich diese Münze im Umlauf. Marines from the Washington Navy Yard and four companies of Maryland militia.

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Sheridan heatedly asserted that he wanted to "concentrate all of cavalry, move out in force against Stuart's command, and whip it. Journal of Paleolimnology

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