CD Projekt Red responds to loot box controversy

CD Projekt Red’s share prices have increased from $4.18 to $17.20 since the start of 2015

The industry leader in creating role-playing games..

CD Projekt RED stock ( | PLOPTTC). Current stock price, news, quotes, charts, key data and dates. The main area of activity of the CD PROJEKT Capital Group is videogames – a dynamically growing branch of digital entertainment. For over 20 years videogames have been at .

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The Witcher Author A. Sapkowski Demands Additional Royalties, CDPR Calls It 'Groundless'

This triggered debate on the team, some of whom wanted to release the game for older consoles to maximise profit.

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They wanted to push the game's graphics boundaries, releasing it only for the PC and eighth-generation consoles. The team began the design work for The Witcher 2 , and experimented with consoles to develop a new engine for The Witcher 3.

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