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Send a download link to your phone. Traveling with Last Minute Travel. Last Minute Travel Blog. UPS will now my loyalty. Not based on an experience. You do not have an experience, you have an opinion which is empty. FedEx is the absolute best at package delivery. Was your packages late? Was your item broken? Did you have any missing pieces? Was your package delivered to the right address?

The question is about your experience with FedEx. Did you find children in your package? That is the only way your statement about FedEx keeping our children safe can be taken seriously and would be considered an experience. I will continue to support and recommend your company. I included your response because we need companies that will conduct business with integrity, and fairness regardless of individuals beliefs.

FedEx is a common carrier under Federal law and therefore does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views.

FedEx has never set or changed rates for any of our millions of customers around the world in response to their politics, beliefs or positions on issues. I urge you to reconsider your position on NRA boycott.

The PR is not helping your company. We need gun reform in this country so that our loved ones are not murdered in the streets. We need to break up now. I now know where your priorities are and they are not with our children. Unless the environment is changed children will continue to die and your refusal to try and enact change will make you complicit with next mass murder. Please tell me how do children end up being a subject in package delivery service?

Thank you for not submitting to the blackmail of the left! We are licensed gun owners, our son is a LEO, and a firearms instructor. We appreciate you standing with the NRA and sincerely hope you continue to support the rights of legal gun owners.

I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why Fed. That organization is governed by right winged fanatics whose agenda is all based on raising money for gun manufacturers. I hope your company will re evaluate its position as I and many others cannot support a company which has so little regard for human life and the consequences of such limited regulation over guns. Thank you FedEx for having a spine and not cowering to social media bullies regarding your stance on the NRA. I appreciate your bravery and will support you anyway I can.

Unfortunately now that you refuse to sever relations with NRA I must discontinue my business and personal relationship with your company. FedEx is the best there is or you would have never used them in the first place.

Now you are forcing a lower standard as an option which is akin to pushing your bicycle to another state instead of flying. You said you are a small business? You are about to lose customers because of your choice of delivery service but you will figure that all out REAL FAST as your customers decide your service is too slow and poor.

Smart people stick with FedEx. Would you please notify me of the policy decision made by the Corporate Offices by March 10th? Is the FedEx bottom line worth the death of a single child, much less all who have died in alone? Mary Wood I hope you cancelled. I will support FedEx in your place. Did you even read the original question?

Looks like joining the herd was easier than reading the question. Can you cite for me how many children were saved because a licensed gun carrier stopped a psycho from killing children? Go ahead, make my day. Go look it up. UPS delivered it at 8 pm and it was too late. Go look it up before repeating CNN! It happens more than you realize!

I will no longer use any other express mail or shipping service. I own a shotgun and support the 2nd amendment but the NRA is unwilling to raise the legal age to 21 for semiautomatic weapons and it encourages the sales of semi-automatic and automatic weapons and also has relationships with members of the Russian government going back to at least May If you are too irresponsible to go find FACTS about a gun organization, too irresponsible to know who decides law, and too irresponsible to as much as do an online search to discover that guns made in other countries are sold here and vice versa, then you are too irresponsible to own ANY gun.

I cringe that you admit you own a shotgun. Your statement is worthy of being called…unworthy of this response. Please do the right thing and disassociate your company with the corrupt, immoral, NRA. You are doing a disservice to the children and citizens of the U.

I am both a customer and a stock holder. I am writing to ask that you stop all support or relationships with the NRA. I will be watching. If you do not separate from the NRA I will sell all my stocks. Thank you for attending to this.

Please have someone in your real estate division contact me about a great distribution hub location directly on I95 1 hour from Columbia, 30 minutes from Florence, 1. Former gas station directly off of I in Lynchburg.

Underground gas tanks are certified until and canopy is in excellent shape. Property is one of two stations visible directly off of Interstate. Seller financing is available with as little as ten-pecent down. Previous owner averaged eighty thousand gallons of sold fuel per month, fifty thousand average inside sales without hot food and had thirty six lottery spaces. Also had an on site a ABC Store which had monthly net average of thrity eight thousand dollars. Also available for sale is rear lot with five point thirty- five acres.

This space would be great for a dealership, storage facility, warehousing, logistics center and many other uses. Then being told I had to wait until Monday? No you had the package on the truck for delivery and did not do it. The driver should be made to come in and complete the Friday deliveries that were not made.

What a bunch of Morons it amazes me how this company stays in business. So I have a package waiting on my porch and it is not my package after trying to do the right thing and tell customer service the package is still here with me 5 days later.

I should just keep and sell this thing whatever it is. But I live by set of principles and morality obviously this company has non. I arrived at the Gardena location, to pick up a package.

There were about people in line. There were no customer service agents inside. Apparently they were all outside for a good 15 min, taking a portrait. I understand that it is Christmas time and they want to take a Christmas picture, however do that on your own time, your office hours are for the customers to be serviced.

I find that very rude. I would suggest that your company provide a reminder to your staff on customer service etiquette. Thank you go taking the time out to read this. After 48 hours and inquires to their driver they listed it as a lost package. They then assured me all I needed to do was get the supplier to file a claim and I would get my money back. They no longer need a case number because they have my name linked to speak to the person handling the claim and he states they are not responsible because I did not request it to have a signature or give directions of what to do with package.

They verbally read to me from their computer that the driver did not drop my package at the right address and when he went to retrieve package no one answered the door. They told me that they were not responsible.

I asked to please speak to someone else about the claim and he said there is no one else. No voice for being wronged. They made me feel like it was my fault they dropped package off at the wrong address. Smith, the following is only one of the multiple messages I have sent to your company related to ineptitude of your carriers and their failed services. Not sure how often any of the multiple complaints you actually see. I have lived in Florence South Carolina for five years now.

In a years time I receive anywhere from 20 to 30 packages in 5 years. About half of those are scheduled for delivery from FedEx. No package that has ever been scheduled for delivery by FedEx has ever reached my door.

I have met FedEx drivers in abandoned parking lots, at a muddy outdoor flea market and have flagged them down on the side of the road when I have seen them drive right by my apartment, and not stop to get my packages. FedEx, whatever I can do that will cost you business. Including contacting the above mentioned companies and telling everyone that I know about the incompetency of this company, I will do it! My Apple I phone was damaged and unrepairable. Apple sent me a pre-paid label with an empty box to ship it to them to receive my replacement device.

I placed my Apple I phone 7 plus in the box that Apple sent to me, correctly packaged and sealed per the instructions. I work at a California State Facility, as I am a state worker. FedEx comes daily to drop off and pick p packages, so I felt it would be the safest way to send it via FedEx. After the phone was picked up by Fedex, apparently when it was delivered to Apple, the phone was no longer in the box.

I feel that a fedex employee stole the phone, as that Is the only explanation. Either way, the phone in the box was in FedEx possession and care and trusted to deliver this item to Apple.

FedEx is trying to say that the package weighed the same at pickup, which is highly un doubtful because the phone was in the box. I am sure they are confusing the weights, and comparing the empty box weight upon initial delivery to me, and then the weight again once it was discovered the phone was missing and refused by apple and sent back.

Not sure why fedex would think that I would send an empty phone, when the reason it was being shipped was to get a new phone. I want a new phone, and over two months have passed, still not resolved, and still out of my phone. I had to follow-up once a week as I never received updates.

And then after over two months of following up, they tell me that Apple has to file the Claim since they are the shippers.

Why was I not advised of this two months ago? This is a very expensive phone I am missing, and still paying for service on. Worse service with any company I have ever dealt with.

I will never use Fed ex again either, and advise others be cautious as well. I have contacted FedEx customer service, the store that I bought the items from, the US postal services and the state attorney general for assistance as this happens a whole lot and no one seems able to do anything about this! I can not go to my mailbox every day, I am a disabled Vet and for shopping, I use the internet due to my disability. Why is the same driver allowed to continually do this and not terminated?

I have filed multiple complaints and still, packages are up at the mailbox just hanging there! You said you live VERY rurally so the chances of your packages being stolen is almost nil. You live over a mile from your mailbox. Ill explain how I know shortly. Are they FedEx cops? The guy TIES it on your mailbox? Your driveway is a muddy or sandy wreck. He does you a favor by tying it instead of just leaving it in the mud.

Does his life matter? You just think he has a responsibility to put it on your porch which is not necessarily the case! He gets to work before the sun comes up and gets home after dark and you expect catering. Americans are so arrogant, self absorbed, and spoiled! Do you think you are privileged because you are disabled? Time for you to do what other rural folks have to do. BUY a crate for your packages, make a crate for them, or ask someone church to do it for you.

Put a sign on it asking all delivery drivers to lock it after a delivery and if you really want to know, ad a ringer they can push to make you aware you have one waiting in your waterproofed locked box. Get your trees and bushes near the drive trimmed also. Back when I could work a snake ended up in my truck.

I forgot to add that my phone tells me when packages arrive. All blame on you. Bought a pc from HP. HP shipped 2 weeks earlier than stated so I had to deal with Fedex to delay delivery in order to avoid having it left on my front porch while I was out of town. Everything looked good until I got e-mail from Fedex that they tried to deliver but no one was available — the time on the notice was Called the local branch and was told that the package was in their warehouse with a note stating that it was not to be delivered until Monday.

The branch manager had called on Friday to confirm Saturday delivery. She could not log into their delivery system so no help there. I like to watch the 3 stooges, not deal with them. We have horrible experiences with your services and we are complain of your service of two incidents, On Nov 7 your driver delivered a 20lbs package to my next door house and asked my neighbor to bring over the 20lbs package instead for him to complete his responsibility and delivered it to our home.

The tracking number is , I would like you to check out your driver and give us an answer of why he is not doing his job. We have this address since and never had any issues of received our mails or packages until this incident. Is this your good customer service and I am very disappointed with this two incidents!! Philips, Why is it so difficult to locate the site to compliment your employees?

You guys are doing a Great job. Always ready to assist with a smile and even laughter. The Mgr that just left had a wonderuful attitude and enjoyed his crew. Kyle is fitting right into the positive, helpful and enjoying his job. It is a plesure doing business at Forest Acres with this group. Please commend their work ethics and joy of employment. Thank you, Betty Kay Etue Etuebettykay aol. Began the process on oct 16 in Amarillo tx.

Dropped off items at FedEx office on Olsen circle in Amarillo tx. I was contacted later and told they were packed in three boxes. They have been sent to Houston, returned to amarillo, separated in transit, supposedly returned to Houston, and as of today have not been delivered.

I have spoken to customer service 3 times, gone to the fedex facility on I in Amarillo at the direction of fedex ccustomer service to no avail. My client, the recipient has spoken to customer service in Houston numerous times and has not gotten accurate, consistent information either. I have finally found the corporate phone number in Memphis and will be calling them. DELL sent me a replacement computer for the one they have been trying to repair.

It has NOT been updated or delivered as of today. It has not been updated, or delivered. I called this morning and was told the label had come off, and inside they had no papers to identify until I called on Friday and they found it.

So this morning I was told the lady would call me back, as Charles had said on Friday never happened , never happened with her either. WHY has the service gone so downhill?

So I am still sitting her, no updates, unable to do my online college courses, and no comuter and FEDEX is still lying to me. Case Number Where is my package. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Told that business was closed. It is not a business and it is open 24 hours.

Driver is a liar and just want to go home early. You are absolutely correct; they would lie and say the business was closed which is a residence…no slip was left to say that they even attempted to deliver. Placed an order on Oct 19th, , order was shipped out on Oct 19th, Fed Ex ground, I checked status of order, said, should be delivered Thursday Oct 26th, Oct 26th I checked to see if order was out for delivery, only to see it said pkg was delivered Wed Oct 25th at 5: I checked my surveillance cams, low and behold, at 2: He drove up the street and never stopped.

The package said it was scanned at 5: In the meantime, I already paid for my items, and do not have them, nor do they know where my package is. I was supposed to have a package delivered on October 10, but never received it due to the drivers negligence of him delivering my package to a business and they never retrieved my package so I is now considered lost and they are telling me I have to wait 10 to 14 business days because they lost my package I am so mad with this company they are the worse still nothing is done after day 6 of waiting with me calling into this company everyday.

My two different orders that were due to arrive today was not delivered by FedEx with the lame excuse that my address was wrong. This is the fourth time in a row that they have failed to deliver with some lame excuse. I have mechanics on site waiting for these parts, now they want to wait until Monday to deliver? I guess my address really is not that wrong. The driver probably probably wants to go home early to miss the traffic. Delivery is part of transaction and FedEx is making you look terrible.

Please consider dropping them as sponsors. My exact reason for being on this site contacting Fedex. As a previous customer stated: I agree fully and as we are rural and utilize a lot of on line purchasing opportunities, we have many, many fed ex deliveries. You need to be aware of the vast, not too silent, majority in this country. Holiday season is on its way and I realize it will be a very busy time of the year for you.

Something for you to consider. Let the press know that you do not stand with these over paid, spoiled teams. Love your country and be patriotic. Thank you for your consideration. My entire day litterly wasted Saturday..

Very POOR customer service.. The item left Orlando around 2or3 am today.. I sincerely hope someone from corporate looks into this matter.. I signed up for Fedex Delivery Manager. Every day for one week I get a call saying my package will be delivered. Every day for one week I do NOT get my package. I guess Fedex never heard of the rule of I am dissatisfied with Fed Ex deliveries.

I live in a secure building, that you have to use a call box to enter. The phone number is on the label of the package to be delivered most times. I am sitting outside now waiting for a package and have been for two hours. I should not have to do this because your employees are too lazy to use the call box.

We cannot be the only secure building in Nevada I wish you would train your employees better. I sent a package, because of a mix up, funds for the shipment got messed up. I found out, tried to make inquires, no notes had been written. No amount mentioned owed, no information, and FedEx, sent the package to Memphis Tenn, instead of point of origin. I offered to pay at the point of origin, and get the package moving, denied.

Offered to have package to get shipped back to origin, and pay, denied. Company wants me to create an account, requiring a credit card, I do not have. They are stealing my package, worth a few thousand dollars. I have wasted a few hours dealing with them, and no solution but to file criminal charges against them for my package. I would like to see all the customer service people who handle this in jail, along with the CEO, for grand theft.

I just want you to know that FedEx has truly let me down. I have used FedEx for over five years. I travel for work and have shipped packages from all over the country with no problems until now. I shipped a bunch of packages from Cape Cod in July I did not get home until august which is in Florida. The first four packages that I shipped on July 17, never made it to my home. In August once I realized that the packages were missing I called FedEx, at first they told me the packages were delivered, but once I said to them that they were not delivered to me they then told me that the they were notified that the packages were delivered to the wrong address, at which I said why were they not retrieved from the wrong address.

I was told they would try to find out but after I called the third time i was told it was deemed lost and that I have to put in a claim.. I asked to speak to corporate as was given to someone else to let them know that I was not happy about this.

I told him why was I not contacted when FedEx was notified in July that my packages were delivered to the wrong place, I was told that it is not FedEx job to call.. Had I not called they never would have told me the truth. I just want you to know that it should be FedEx responsibility to notify the sender if they are aware that packages were lost or delivered to the wrong address.

After the response from your spokesperson I am not sure if I will use FedEx agin. You had my phone number I should have been notified. I would hope that you would let your people know that in the future if they are aware that a. Package was delivered to the wrong address or person that they let the sender aware. I would not have been so upset over one package but four come on. And I said NO. So I want my package and he does not know what to do.

He calls the office. So I call in…I explain the situation to a disinterest agent. But call back if it happens again.

And I tell him that is not the point.. Why are two different drivers seeing the same thing but he does not and the office here does not…. Everyone wants me to call again tomorrow. Not only did he not speak English well, but he said he had the erroneous address where it was delivered.

Asked where that was, and he said he was not allowed to tell me!!!! He put me on hold for 15 minutes then the line went dead!!!! FedEx is ridiculous and at fulfilling commitments. Twice in one month I have had tow packages that were not delivered.

Now yesterday I had a package that was supposed to be delivered not even one attempt and I kept getting the run around when I call the customer service number then mysteriously no one knew why the package had not been delivered, I want this resolved asap.

I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau because if we as customers pay for certain shipping and are promised a date it should be fulfilled. I appreciated that when I called one dept but needed to speak with another, the first person while putting me on hold, explained to the next person why I was calling and gave him all of my information.

I paid for a package to be delivered between the hours of today. The driver decides to deliver it at 3: I had a package that was suppose to be delivered today. I used to work for ground several years back. No one seems to be able to get me what I need. My start date is fast approaching and this is holding me up. Sorry does not fix a screw up twice in the same week to the SAME destination! Would love to see the CEO living under a bridge he clearly cares about no one but himself.

Your automated system is horrible! I come home early from vacation so I could receive the package. I sit here all day long waiting and continue to check my phone for the status of my package.

It said my package would be delivered today. So I asked to talk to a manager. Who informs me that they do not have a driver that can bring me my package. So now not only did I waste a day of vacation. I now have to miss a day of work so I can be here to sign for the package.

Executive offices are unavailable and all of them should be fired. The fact that no one responds to these comments. I was driving on west in jacksonville florida around 6: The Seattle area FedEx does not understand the concept of delivery. This is the second time in less than a month FedEx was unable to deliver an expedited delivery. And they keep the money. I have notified both companies that I ordered from not to ship my purchases via FedEx.

And to contact customer service is a joke. I have a package to return to a company to repair or replace something. Fed Ex ground sent me a label to put on the package to have the package shipped. I called Fed Ex to get the package picked up and I was told the company I was sending the package too gave me the wrong label. Fed Ex sent me the label from there web sight. They said the label should have a box in the corner with a letter in it.

My label did not have that. The customer service guy from Fed Ex hung up on me. I called back and a lady answered this time and she said the label said Fed Ex ground on it so it did not need a letter in the box. The driver came to pick up the package and said the label was not correct that it needed a bar code on it.

I had a copy of the e-mail from fed ex and I showed it to him and there was no bar code. He did something with his hand held computer and all of a sudden he could take the package. I check this morning with Fed Ex tracking and it only showed the label was sent. Then later today a Fed Ex driver came to get the package. I told him it was picked up yesterday and he said their system had no record of it. Another call to customer service gets me an English speaking challenged person.

He could not answer anything. I asked for a supervisor and he got on the phone. He located the package in there hub and it was sitting there because of no bar code. The supervisor looked into his computer and agreed I was sent a wrong label. He was going to contact the hub and most likely have a new label printed and call me with the new tracking number.

He was going to get back to me in 20 minutes. These people are totally incompetent. The jury is still out but The new guy today after hearing the story asked me if I still had the package????? Just how stupid is that question. Fed Ex is in denial????? This guy did call back and said he too found the package sitting at the Ocala hub so I guess he knows I do not have it!!!!!!

I am still waiting for another call back as they are trying to create a new label that is correct this time and get things moving. Just as I reminded the Fed Ex folks , it took the pony express 11 days from the midwest to California. Fed Ex has taken 7 days so far to move my package about 4 miles and it is still in Ocala Florida. You gotta love progress???? This was told to me??? The company that the package is going to paid for this crap.

While on the phone with your supervisor Luis and while he was telling me Supervisor had found the package and was going to get a express number and send the package because of all the foul ups my door bell rang. It was the Fed Ex ground driver that picked up the package at my home days earlier.

He had the package in his hands and said it has been on his truck. He said they would not put it on the belts because of the label. That means I was standing in my home being lied to with the package in my hands that 2 of your supervisors said the had and were going to ship for me. Fed Ex is nothing but a room of mirrors run by liars and deception kings. I took the package and had it shipped paying for it myself. I take pride in what I do.. I run my ass off doing it , and it gets done ….

Tired of seeing 3 unloaders trying too create boxes per hour and only get too Oh yeah what happened too the QRP program???? Numbers , numbers , numbers …. The people took my package and now it cannot be found, I have spend numerous hours trying to work with customer service, but no help. The package is no where to be found.

I have received different answers from different customer service reps. There are two passports with Saudi Visit visas on the, it is nearly impossible to get 2nd visa when already one is stamped on the passports. I have been calling the customer service since May 17, 2: FedEx is not the best company to get packages from they are rood when you call to get your packages redeliver to you they just come once a day and will down right refuse to come out you have-to what to the next day and you have-to be there all day if you go out for just a hour and they come you are out of luck with them till the next day so do not call for a re delivery you will have-to what and then that is if they wont to do it.

Fed Ex claims they delivered my income tax return to my front door. Temperature-Controlled Network offers secure transport of your "keep cold" products to wholesalers, hospitals, clinics and retailers. Ground expedited freight-shipping solutions including exclusive-use vehicles and urgent delivery solutions. For shipments requiring extra care in handling, temperature control and specially equipped vehicles. Surface and air solutions to meet your temperature-control shipping needs. Do you need assistance developing your cold-chain shipping plans?

Shipping hazardous materials requires expert handling and special delivery. For attention to detail, safety in handling and security, trust FedEx Custom Critical for transportation solutions for your hazmat shipments. Different customers use FedEx Custom Critical for different reasons.

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The people took my package and now it cannot be found, I have spend numerous hours trying to work with customer service, but no help.

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