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 · SEAT, S.A. designs, manufactures, and markets cars. Additionally, it offers maintenance and repair, insurance, and roadside assistance services. SEAT, S.A. was Phone: 34 08 50 Symmetrically, Spanien should undergo a period of poor economic growth and inflation, in a context of relatively high real rates, slowing down its consumption and allowing it to regain relative.

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Symmetrically, Spanien should undergo a period of poor economic growth and inflation, in a context of relatively high real rates, slowing down its consumption and allowing it to regain relative.

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The region containing the capital city of Spain, Madrid ranks the 3rd community by population, and is by far the most densely populated. Even though it contains the centre of the national radial highway system, the Madrid regional government traditionally more committed to the expansion of the Metro system has dedicated vast resources during the last decade to upgrade the regional road network and, where necessary, create new high-capacity roads that both complement the national system and vertebrate zones of the community not covered by the national network.

Madrid regional highways have codes that are no different from other regional roads, with orange, green and yellow backgrounds, even for newly built highways like the M Usually, the upgrade of long roads, twinned or not, to the motorway level is not undertaken at once, so the list below only contains the itinerary for the spans that actually run as highways or have been planned to.

For example, the M is "broken" at its connection with the M and the A by a succession of roundabouts until the link with the R-4, so in the list it is separated in two highway stretches. The coastal region of Murcia is an important touristic destination in Spain. Its nearly 1,5M inhabitants are mainly concentrated in the eastern part of the community, from Murcia city to the coast, while inland zones of Yecla, Jumilla and Caravaca de la Cruz are more sparsely populated.

The national highway network provides good connectivity along the coast, with three highways links with Andalusia A, A-7 and the tolled AP-7 and another three with the Valencian Community A-7 and the tolled AP-7 and AP , but only the A motorway connects Murcia with inland Spain.

It is thus the goal of the regional government to provide alternative highway corridors that connect the inland border of Murcia to the coastal zones. All in all, the autonomous government is investing heavily in its highway network, both for trips along the coast and inland-coast connectivity. Due to the expansion of the regional network that this effort is expected to produce, Murcia has recently implemented a new naming scheme for its regional highways, more in accordance with the national network.

The Foral Community of Navarre is another community with full powers over most roads in its territory. However, in contrast to the neighbouring Basque Country , the regional government has decided to keep the identifiers of some highways — namely, those which were part of a national highway before being transferred — in sync with the national system. The only road in Navarrese territory not under the authority of the regional government is the national toll highway AP Autopista Vasco-Aragonesa , which was kept by the state to avoid a four-pronged management by the concessionaire and the Basque, Navarrese and Spanish governments.

The fourth Spanish autonomous community by population and a preferred tourist destination, the Valencian Community has a varied orography, from great plains to prelitoral mountain ranges, and a territory of generally high ecological value. Nevertheless, the regional government has pushed for a rich and tupid highway network, building connections between the various national highways that serve the Community and beltways for the provincial capitals.

Like highways in Madrid and Andalusia, Valencian regional motorways do not have special identifiers different from other autonomic roads, so orange, green and yellow backgrounds are possible. All identifiers are prefixed with CV for Comunitat Valenciana , the official name of the region. The same applies to the CV highway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved from " https: Articles with Spanish-language external links CS1 Spanish-language sources es Use dmy dates from November Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements Pages with graphs.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 15 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The length of motorways and other roads is expressed in kilometers. It is reported as of 31 December. Madrid M — M —Guadalajara A Seville— Huelva — Ayamonte —Portugal. San Rafael AP-6 — Segovia. Oviedo — La Espina. Autopista Ruta de la Plata. Southern access from A Second access to Barcelona Airport.

Access to Barcelona Airport. Western access to Cartagena. Eastern access to Cartagena. Access to Cartagena docks. Western access to Motril port. Eastern access to Motril port. North-western access to Granada.

Eastern access to Lleida. Southern access to Lleida. Western access to Barajas Airport. Spain Trade Gap Widens Spain Annual Inflation Rate Confirmed at 2. Spanish Trade Gap Widens in June.

Spain Inflation Rate Confirmed at 2. Greek Jobless Rate Steady at Philippines Trade Deficit Widens in November. Fed Cautious on Future Rate Hikes. Ghana Annual Inflation Rate Rises to 9. Canada Holds Interest Rate at 1. Mexico Inflation Rate Edges Up to 4.

German Trade Surplus Narrows in November. Australia Trade Balance Narrows in November. Calendar Forecast Indicators News Blog.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The coastal region of Murcia is an important touristic destination in Spain.

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Fed Cautious on Future Rate Hikes. Between and Spain had one of the highest rates of motorway growth in Europe.

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