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Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin.

Welcome to Ballyvolane House, a historic Irish country house of extraordinary warmth, style and comfort that provides luxury manor house accommodation, bespoke intimate weddings, glamping and salmon fishing on the river Blackwater, located in the beautiful North Cork countryside of southern Ireland. Thursday 17th November saw the opening of the latest addition to the Sirio chain of Retail Forecourts with the opening of the Top Oil Service Station at Junction 3 Cobh Cross Carrigtwohill Co Cork.

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He set off with an old school colleague, Antony Jackson, to London in order to learn about the art of distilling liquor. Only after some time and many talks with hip barmen and gin distillers did the idea dawn on them that it was the perfect moment to introduce an authentically new gin on the market.

However, already at the production stage of the alcohol base there presented a hurdle. Despite a challenging start the problem was resolved by no less than the master distiller at the Thames Distillery. Whey was to be the basis for the gin which Green and Jackson should use. As good as this natural product which occurs in cheese making is it is also suitable for gin, the two newcomers noticed only later. Whey gives the drink a completely other texture than grain.

The gin becomes soft and rounder and the whey transports the taste from the spices also used in gin production. What seemed like a mad idea back in after nine months of trial distillations was beginning to take shape.

The recipe for a home-made gin with nineteen ingredients most gins have six was established. Then Bertha came into play. As a nearly worldwide representative for milk and therefore whey products, her name and even her picture were the perfect theme for the new Irish gin.

Ballyvolane House Spirits Company. Deutsch English What's up? Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin. A waste product — a solution for everything And so it came to be in that Justin Green had an idea. Speaker of -thia House, for h! Thte addfC5S having been hcxt diy'pifejented, the ICmg was! Earf ofi Oaslow , hissdii, and. Succeeded his father, George, the tp"eenth Viscount, Dec. Coruewall, third daughter of Sir G. Cornewall, Bart, and i? Borti Maich 5, i 7C1. Married, in j 7!

Heir-Apparent — Henry, only son of llie Viscounf. Born May 10, Heir Apparent — William, son to Che Viscount. Robert Dun das, Lord? Born Feb 2, Heir- Apparent — Richard- William, the Viscount's er andson.

Succeeded his father Henry, the late Viscount, April 28, Heir-Apparent — Henry, son of the Viscount. Bom June 23, tj6y. Succeedtd his fa'dier, Edward, the late Lord. Heir-Prcsumptive—Charles, brother to the pitsent Lord. Henry,, the ate lord, Dec, 4, i? Married, July jo, Archibald, EaH of Angus, born Feb. Born June 9, Creation— May 7, i76i. Heir-Presumptive— -Henry, his Lordship's biother. Arms— Sec plate Ubin Sepu 11, His Lorasfaip tnarried, secondtv, Feb.

Sir Arthur Paget, K. Arms— S4c plate There is a traditionary anecdote in his fiamily, relating to an. Heir-Presutnpiivc— Francis, only brother to his Lordship. Born July 22, J5. Succeeded his father, Uoyd, the late Lord, April 5, Heir-Apparent — Lloyd, his Lordship's eldest son. His Lordship was born Joly 3, Heir-Apparent — His Lordship's son.

Sir Gilbeit Elliot, of Minto. In the reign of Henry ill. Reniembtrr, Sir, what Tt is to be truly noble, and bow it agieeth not with generous hear'ts 19 delight to trample on dejected fortunes. It is now in your power to do me peod' or ill offices: Succeeded to'tftfi Bdroinr; Feb. Hb is ifce oi! Creation— June zo, His Lordship bas othet cteldven. Created a Peer Oct. Married, in , Rebecc? H s Lordihip is Governor of the island.

A RE, in the Peerage of Ireland. Arms— See phiie Sir Ralph Afiercromby,, K. Heir-Apparent— George, eldest son of her Ladyship. WlAi retmunder, in , to hts Lordship's daughter: Creations — Baron Mount-Eagle, Feb. Powyke, in the ixmtf hi Wo'rcesrer. Succeeded bis father, William,. Heir-Apparent— His Lordship's only son. Sec the Peerage of England. See the Peerage of. Succeeded iiis father, John, the late Duke, May 24, May i , , was declared, by the same authority, Duke of Roxburgh, and possessor of all the other.

The Marquis has chftdreh. Hetf- Apparent — William, Earl of Ancram. Bom March li, , Succeeded his brother, George, June 14, Succeeded his mother, Jane-Elizabeth, the late Countess, June t, He married, secoiuUy, Aug. S uo , ceeded his fiithcr, John, the late Earl, Nut. Succeeded his grandfather as Earl of DumfrieSi April 7, Succeeded Iti'xs father, Nov. Succeeded hu fiitbcr, Thomas, the lare Eatl, Apiil 5, Marntd, Oci, 7, Amu: Succeeded his' grandfather, Georg.

Married, July zS, , Calbarine, daog.. August 4, , Charlotte, daughter of Archibald, Dulce cf. Succeeded her f mother, Mjuy, the late Countess, May ip, Arms— See plate ifq.

Heir- Apparent —His LordshipV son. Ite nMMed fWWd fet didf! Succeeded his father, Jjtmes; the late Ew5 tocb '27, Earl of Tyrone, Dorn in Jan, 1 8 10 5 and other ehildren. V— — Arms— See platc The Earl has other children. Borol July 2, ; in the Army. Api'il 4, 1 PresQmpdvfe— The Right Uoo. Heir-Presumptive — Alexander, the Earl's brother. Creations — Baron, Nor. Viscount Caulfield, and William- Francis. Baron PoUinglon of Longford. Bqrn April 8, Baron of Hovrth, or iginaUjf.

His LordsM ntofrled,' secondly, M6. Bofea Way 9, I Sttccaeded his lathed, Richard, the late Sari, August. Fresfimptiver-rQharlptte, ordy sister to the Countiss. Creaticnis — Baron, Oct. Bom Angh 19, Created a VHconnt, Hov. Married Mary, daughter of Henry Ormsby, tnd has issue, Henry. Succeeded his father, April 27, George-Chartes, thfe Earl's bf other. Sir Robert Preston, created Viscount Gormanstqn in Succeeded his father, Anthony, thp late Viscount, Dec!

Arms— JSce pUtc Bom Dec I Oy a. B Sept i, Born July 26, Mid has istqe Joh. Bori May 24, CreMioiw— Baron, iiSB ; Succeeded his fether, Thomat, the late Lofd, Oet. Legcr, dtughtcf of Hayps, fifth Vlscbunt Donerai!

Lordiibip le-majiietl, m June , ; J4K.. MaTritcl,'Jurie 27, i3o3, Mary, youngest'. AnrnJ— Sec plate Heir- Apparent — Frederick, eldest son of his Lordship. Married, April 7, i8oi, Ar? Heir-Apparent— Charkt-Henry, the eldest tbn. Bom Oct 31, His Lordship hat other children. Bom July 28, Boik, May 6, Sacceeded his fkcher, Nathaniel- williaaif. Vincent — — 8 Sandwich' 9 Scarborough. Bcauchamp [ aj 4 Berwick aj.

That of becoming involved in a new field concerning spirit distillation.

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Wives of the eldest Sons of Baions.

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