What exactly is Keto flu?

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Another question is whether you are definitely in ketosis. Have you tried measuring your ketones levels? Have felt pretty good and have lost about 15 lbs.

However, I seem to have plateaued weight-loss wise. Ah — the dreaded plateau! It happens to all of us eventually. Aside from calorie adjustments, you could also try adding intermittent fasting, doing a bit more exercise and maybe also review your macros e. Might want to take a read of this.

Best is pretty much cut the carbs to nil as per the article. I found this the most effective way and boy, do you know when you hit the other side. What would you eat on Nil Carbs? Is there anything else you know of that can be added to this list? I have been on the keto diet for 3 weeks now and actually feel very loved out but I have lost a significant amount of pounds 10 to be exact I eat under 20 carbs a day and I know the best is yet to come I just know that sometimes we have to get over the keto flu which does make a lot of sense so whoever is new to the keto diet hang in there be patient because I guarantee you the best really is yet to come.

The problem is that after about 1 week in I started to feel more fatigued and tired. Most of the time, especially my legs feel so exhausted. Before, I would exercise a lot, and after a few hour exercise my legs would feel the same the next day. My whole body does but my legs the most. I had my blood glucose checked regularly and everything is perfectly okay. I used to inject insulin 4X a day.

I have not used insulin except once when I accidentally ate fruits with sugar banana that spiked up my blood glucose.

I need some advice so I can regain my energy and continue with the Keto diet. Hi Fernando Have you tried all of the tips mentioned in this article, like supplementing electrolytes and double-checking all your macros especially fat? Do you have any food intolerances? Is your digestion up to par? Eventually, as I healed my body, this pain went away, along with others. But I had to take it easy..

There needed to be zero stress in my life cause my adrenals were taking a break. Trust your body and understand there is no shame in temporarily backing off of something to heal your body. Adrenal fatigue adrenal fatigue and keto diet You may be dealing with something different, but these are my thoughts. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions.

Thanks for your comments, Megan. I run this website and I really appreciate you contributing tips and advice. Thank you for properly introducing yourself and explaining your background.

I have just one request — please be very cautious when talking about specific health conditions. As I am sure you are well aware, it would be impossible and irresponsible to diagnose someone over the internet, based on the very limited information people provide in comments. I would never do that myself so I would ask the same from you. You had pointed out at the end of your response that Fernando may be dealing with something different.

Indeed — it could be just the natural Keto adaptation period, or electrolyte deficiency — or a hundred different possible reasons.

Hi Daniel, this is a really interesting question. Here are my thoughts: Keto depletes electrolytes anyway, and sweating during exercise depletes them even further. The symptoms you describe are consistent with electrolyte depletion — it is a common problem that strikes even those who are not athletes. Try supplementing electrolytes daily, plus some extra after exercise.

The most important ones are magnesium, potassium and sodium for sodium, you could just add extra salt to your food. Your body needs time to adapt before it can use ketones for fuel as efficiently as glucose. It can take weeks of ketosis to become fully Keto-adapted. After that, in theory, your performance should bounce back at least to pre-Keto levels.

There have been some related studies and success examples like Iron Man completed on Keto, that indicate there may be a positive effect. But to be honest, we are all different, so there is no guarantee that it will work out the same for you. You can only try and see — no one can predict precisely how it turns out for you. Overall, I would recommend sticking with the diet for another month or two while supplementing minerals as above — to become fully Keto-adapted — and then see how your training progresses after that.

How very timely, my finding this. Last weekend I totally bonked at the three mile mark in a 3. This is the second time this has happened, also in cycling i just dont have the strength any more. Running out of ideas so will try minerals as suggested. It can take a bit of time to fully adapt.

But hopefully, you are almost there after 6 weeks LCHF. Do try minerals supplementation — and best of luck! Keto sticks show you are peeing out ketones, not using them as energy. People get confused when they are in ketosis and when they are in adoption phase. This is not my site but take a read. I have been at it for almost two years and I find that constant exposure to the mechanisms and science of high fat low carbs via YouTube and various podcasts really help keep me focused on my eating life style.

My latest lipid panel was triglyceride,cholesterol,ldl My doctor is completely dumbfounded! What a fantastic result! Thank you for sharing it. I hope you will continue to stay and happy and healthy on your diet. Hi Sue Here are a few options: Hope one of these is suitable! I am just trying to lower my carb intake. I make sure I go outside and work in the yard and sweat in South Louisiana, this only takes about one minute outdoors.

I guess I would have hoped that I would be feeling even a little better. I expected to feel bad for a few days cutting down not out the extreme amount of sugars and carbs. The reason I started this whole thing was because I was feeling so out of it.

I guess I just need more time? Hi Kris, First of all, well done on deciding to change your eating habits. All doctors agree that cutting out sugar and junk food is the right thing to do. This makes it a bit more tricky, as ketosis does improve your energy once you break through to it.

I think the key in your situation is to figure out exactly how much you should get of each macronutrient — carbs, protein and fat. Any carbs that you cut out should be replaced mostly with fat — you need either one or the other for energy. Start by using a macro calculator like this one: You will then need to track your food for several weeks to make sure you are hitting your targets across all macros.

Use a tracking app or a diary, and weigh your food. If you never had to watch your food in the past, you might find that your estimates are well off. This may seem tedious but it is important if you are serious about changing your eating habits completely.

With such a major change to your lifestyle, your habits will try to hold you back — so tracking is crucial. I would also recommend cutting out fruit and nuts during this transition period. Fruit is quite high in sugar and can spike your blood glucose just like candy.

Your body will also gradually get more used to running on fat. Best of luck — and shout if you have any further questions! What about super increasing electrolytes — a must especially when starting to avoid feeling horrible. This is mentioned already in the supplements section. But you are absolutely right — this point is really important, so I will expand it to include more information.

Thank you for pointing it out! Give your body time. This is why you feel like shit. One incredible thing about the human body is that it is restorative and you are giving it plenty of what it needs, fresh foods like coleslaw, nuts and fruit; supplementation: You will be rewarded.

Somehow, I dont loose weight right now — I am doing keto. Maybe the adaption time takes some time before two weeks one day cheat day?!

What could it be? I have also some fatigue, but it is getting better. I have enought protein and I think I have enought fat. My carbs I guess are maybe at 30g. Hi Ben, If you are having any problems on Keto — such as slow adaptation or weight-loss plateau — the best thing to do is to start tracking your food and macros precisely, rather than guessing it.

Many scientific studies show that humans vastly underestimate the amount of calories and carbs consumed — unless you specifically track and record everything. Many are shocked by the results when they first start tracking — it could be well off from your estimates. So I would definitely suggest precise food tracking as the first step.

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I feel too nauseous and light headed to eat anything, had 2 pieces of toast in 24hrs think I just want to stop it now!

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