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Blame It on the Boogie

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iTunes ist der beste Weg, Musik, Filme, TV Shows, Apps, Hörbücher und mehr zu sehen, hören, spielen und zu sammeln. Direkt auf deinem Mac oder PC. "Blame It on the Boogie" is a song originally released in by English singer-songwriter Mick Jackson, and also The Jacksons. It was later covered by numerous other artists.


7 December: new album from Procol-founder Keith Reid tracklisting here, substantial interview / review here Procol Harum reissues with bouns tracks and lavish booklets: The Prodigal Stranger, Exotic Birds and Fruit, Grand Hotel. Live in Edmonton and Procol's Ninth. Click the links to pre-order.

Saturday 15 June 9am to 12 am California time. Sixth Procol Harum marathon from uclaradio. Wednesday 27 March at 3. Further details available in Radio Times thanks Dumpy! You can also listen to this broadcast live on the Internet. Point your internet browser at http: Lots of text and pictures will come up, but the only bit you need to bother with is three selector boxes in the panel at the very top of the page. Go to the middle box and use the arrow to select the station called 'P1'.

DAB is a system of digital transmission of radio, which enables transmission of sound, pictures and data. NRK will be recveived in flawless digital CD quality in Denmark, Norway and probably other neighbouring countries as well on e.

This is the homepage norwegian for todays broadcast: Page for today's broadcast ; description of tonight's show. Metro Records releases a new double compilation of Procol material from Nothing that we didn't know, but a lot of music on one disc at a low price: Informal word has it that this will include Luskus Delph as a bonus track; and that the April release-date no longer stands. More news when we have it. This is good news for all fans who can listen to Trojka the popular name of this radio station.

You can also listen to this program on the Internet: See this page of Trojka website for more information on the concert: And this is the main page for the station: There is a link to enable you to listen to live "3 programme" in Real Audio: Procol Harum on Danish TV.

The following message was sent to BtP: On the behalf of the Danish Society of Procoholics , it is an honour for me to announce: The show also features a brief telephone conversation with Roland from 'Beyond the Pale'. See here for all the details. Tune in at www.

The last one was fantastic and included a revealing Gary Brooker interview ; this one includes a telephone interview with Matther Fisher. Gary Brooker plays a one-off gig involving legendary names from the Southend scene: A brief excerpt of the webcast, and some screenshots, may be found here. Gary Brooker records an interview about his recollections on London's famous Marquee Club; this was for Sir Bob Geldof's company, and many famous celebs have recorded bits.

Cost, a mere 6 pounds. Gratifyingly this programme places AWSoP in the top twenty, whereas most of its fellows are songs of the last ten years or so. December 27 Procol Harum wins a poll in the Norwegian radio programme " Herreavdelingen" for the best single ever. Procol is photographed in Sausalito, California circa on page I'm sure that we should play in America at the start of the next millennium, we will be there. Order it from this page.

September 16 and We understand that this is likely to be a vocal spotlight for Gary Brooker,singing Hole in the Wall , though this is not confirmed. Conley has asked for the words and music, so it looks like it might be a duet Ebay closes its auction of a sealed copy of Procol Harum with poster 'original first pressing, beautiful!

Hard to find one of these': Saturday 8 April at This information is not to be found in the papers , but is confirmed on videotext. Claes Johansen's biography of Procol Harum published: Gary Brooker will not join the next Ringo tour: The most recent update regarding this story is 16 February Thanks, Marvin.

Danish fans' meeting in Copenhagen: Saturday 23 October at He presents himself and music, which has influenced his style three songs from himself: This show has been produced by Dr Steffen Graefe.

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: UK Tour dates Gary Brooker busy on the road, not with Procol Harum The 'street date' for this is 27 July I picked up a prospectus in Virgin. I don't think they are the original working lyrics, but they do include the missing third verse Reserve price is GBP thanks, Julien. CD is Driver's Eyes: He e-mailed the publishers, Pioneer , to ask if they would release all the Procol Harum material in their archive: Gary Brooker's big Christmas gig: Quite a few hyper-celebs have been invited.

December 19 and possibly Gary to play Southend: The following was reported to BtP Wednesday 18 November: They went to Paris to film him with Bill Wyman and are filming him fishing and pubbing Thursday, and at a meeting about his charity work and Guildford Civic on Friday. The band has to be at the ITV studios at 6. We don't know what song it will be, but BtP understands that Beverley Skeete will be singing it. If the studio shenanigans go on after 8 am they will have to happen without Georgie Fame, as he is leaving for his holiday at that time!

We understand that GF and Gary have been 'playing a lot of jazz together' lately. New Procol Harum re-release with eight bonus-tracks including a previously-unavailable song from Westside Records.

Gary plays piano on the former, organ on the latter. Read all about it here. Exciting information about a forthcoming Keith Reid Limited Edition book.

Check here for the set-list for the '98 All-Starr Band: Otherwise, the song list is very similar to the last one. I guess the list was decided upon before the results of our top song voting were tabulated Tickets are 25 pounds each and are on sale now at the Empire box-office. The Empire is a comparatively small club compared to the Odeon at Hammersmith where Ringo did his last London concert.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster and SBE. BtP subsequently learnt that this is the band's only scheduled UK gig, and that Gary will definitely be playing with Ringo. Shepherds Bush Empire confirm that it will be 21 August and not 28 August as advertised on the Beatles website. August 6 — 9: At the ' Smukfest ' website it means 'most beautiful festival' the artist-information page is in English.

A Whiter Shade of Pale. Marvin Chassman adds that this concert will also be issued in DVD, for those of you who have a DVD player, or are looking for an excuse to buy one. A couple of online stores list it on their sites: May — Alan Semok reports another imminent Robin Trower gig: There was an equal balance of interest from the media about both releases - A good example is that my version came out first on Top of the Pops The Jackson's [ sic ] had the second week The Jacksons' version—incorrectly lauded by Melody Maker as their "self-penned song"—was the more successful version reaching Number 8 on the chart dated 4 November ; the Mick Jackson version—hailed by NME as "far superior"—had peaked at Number 15 on the chart for 21 October.

A promotional music video by the Jacksons was created for "Blame It on the Boogie" in The video, featuring the group's members dancing on a black background, relied heavily on electronic trail effects, created at Image West, Ltd. Michael Jackson's biography states that the video marked his video debut.

Tina Charles has stated that she recorded "Blame It on the Boogie" prior to the Jacksons; her version was not released as " Sony [felt] it was not a strong enough song. Battle of the Boogie.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved May 15, While I worked at Image West, we did a number of effects using a Quantel framestore to create "trails", including this Michael Jackson video, "Blame it on the Boogie". This is from my archives of work from that era. Library and Archives Canada. Archived from the original on 24 October Retrieved 8 July Authors Online Ltd, ed. Song "Ufostation" von Anne Gabriel im Radio. Derzeit zu hören auf: Ein paar Bilder könnt Ihr Euch jetzt schon ansehen Eindrücke von den Vorjahresmessen bekommt Ihr hier: Kein Lehrer in Sicht?

Die Fernkurse der global-jazz-academy bieten individuell angepassten Unterricht bei freier Zeiteinteilung und persönlicher Betreuung eines Dozenten. NEU - ab sofort lieferbar! Damit erfüllen wir Euch einen lange gehegten und immer wieder angeregten Wunsch, nämlich mal ein ganzes Playalong-Album mit Tracks auszustatten, die auch Gesang beinhalten.

Jetzt wird das Band-Feeling perfekt! Weitere Informationen hier oder bei unserem Newsletter eintragen! Im Bundle zum Sonderpreis erhältlich: CD "Playbacks für Drummer Vol. CD oder Bundle online bestellen.

Auf unserem Tunesday Label erscheint am 5. Diese hervorragend klingenden professionellen Sing Along Tracks sind somit eine echte Alternative zu den manchmal recht bescheiden klingenden nicht originalen MIDI-Playbacks, wie sie im Karaoke-Bereich meist eingesetzt werden. Die Single läuft derzeit auf div. Radiostationen an und wird u. Die Single "Footprints on the moon" Musik: Hier könnt Ihr " Footprints on the moon " hören! Ab Juni läuft die Single auch bei mehreren französischen Radiosendern auf Rotation!

Neue Single von Songs Of Lemuria. Single VÖ ist am Pünktlich zur Musikmesse Creek wie man mit gängigen Fingersätzen und Tonleitern neues Ton-Material formt und dabei neue Ideen entwickelt.

Phantasielosen und ermüdenden Wiederholungen wird hiermit eine Absage erteilt! Musikmesse Frankfurt vom Creek spielt am Samstag Publikumstag von Gesangsunterricht in Berlin gesucht?

Dann bitte hier klicken! Gitarrenunterricht in Berlin gesucht? Saxophonunterricht in Berlin gesucht? Jazz Fernkurse der global-jazz-academy Berlin. Jazz Theorie Improvisation Rhythmik etc. Klassiker, Vintage-Instrumente, Beschreibungen und mehr. Dreh "Songs of Lemuria" Musikfilm am Januar im Berliner Schlot. Wer schon immer mal bei einer professionellen Musikfilm-Produktion dabei sein wollte, bekommt jetzt in Berlin die einmalige Gelegenheit dazu am Die klingende Akkordtabelle für Gitarre weitere Infos unter: September Top-Musiker-Ereignis im September: Am Wochenende, den September wird getrommelt bis sich die Balken biegen mit einem erstklassigen Rahmenprogramm aus Workshops, Konzerten etc.

Tunesday Records wird mit einem Stand vertreten sein. Dann haben wir Gelegenheit uns mal von Musiker zu Musiker zu unterhalten. Gerne nehmen wir Eure Anregungen entgegen. Mit dem Promotionstart Erstplatzierter Sender von NRW bei radio-information. Livestreamlink auf der Seite! Kein Wunder, dass sich auch schon andere Sender für die Newcomerin aus Berlin interessieren: Viele weitere Radiosender - z.

Auch auf dem Dancefloor ist der Titel gefragt: Dezember Platz 1 in den MySpace Charts!

50 Millionen Songs. Null Werbung.

BtP subsequently learnt that this is the band's only scheduled UK gig, and that Gary will definitely be playing with Ringo.

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Procol Harum appear 22 minutes in: If you missed the Golden Globes , don't fear!

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