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Gold Futures

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Gold futures are hedging tools for commercial producers and users of gold. They also provide global gold price discovery and opportunities for portfolio diversification. In addition, they: They also provide global gold price discovery and opportunities for portfolio diversification. Get an introduction to COMEX Gold futures, including an overview of contract specs, benefits of trading and a comparison of futures to forwards.


A futures exchange or futures market is a central financial exchange where people can trade standardized futures contracts; They include the CME-owned SPAN.

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Ok hat's sich erledigt der ist deutlich über Irgendwie kommt das Gold nicht weiter, steht uns eine Korrektur bevor? These prices are not based on market activity. There were no trades for this contract during the time period chosen. Please choose another time period or contract. This contract has not yet traded and there is no quotes information available at this time. About Gold Gold futures are hedging tools for commercial producers and users of gold.

Offer ongoing trading opportunities, since gold prices respond quickly to political and economic events Serve as an alternative to investing in gold bullion, coins, and mining stocks Things to know about the contracts: Contact Us View All.

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It is the reference price for gold all over the world. Expand your possibilities with always-on market access — in every time zone, nearly 24 hours a day.

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